1. Bean There Cafe
2. Dolce Spa
3. RNM Restaurant
4. Doe
5. Thep Phenom Restaurant
6. Cafe du Soleil
7. Indian Oven
8. Harvey Milk Rec Center
9. N-Judan Muni Stop
10. CPMC Hospital/ER
11. Golden Produce
12. Duboce Park Cafe
13. Jumpin Java Cafe
14. Guy's Flowers
15. Church Street Flowers
16. Cafe Mediterranee
17. Cafe Flor
18. Wingard Home
19. Public Library
20. Best In Show Pets
21. Randall Museum
22. Castro Theater
23. Post Office
24. Tartine Bakery
1. Bean There. Funky corner cafe with Great Espresso. Sit outside, boot up on the WIFI and watch the cast change character with each pasing hour. Review. 2. Dolci Beauty Lounge Be de-fanged and de-cuticled in a masage chair. Hairy today? Gone to Dolci .
5. Thep Phenom. White table cloth when you need it. Great food from fab family. Zagat adored and so do I. Read the Chronicle review. 6. The Cheers of Duboce Park, Where everybody knows your name, or at least the name of the VC fim that is giving you your first round of angel funding. True culture mix of French, Francisan & yogurt fabulousness.Review.
7. Indian Oven. A more $$ alternative to Rotee. Call for Reservations. Busy.Yummy. Review. 4. Doe clothing/ accessories/ paper etc. Darling, precious sweet and precousious store. Need a last minute gift?
9. N Judah Muni stop and Duboce Park. STOP THE FENCE! SAVE DUBOCE PARK! Downtown in 12 minutes or less or your ride is free!

12. Duboce Park Cafe, New from the people who brought you Dolores Park Cafe. Creative Name.Yelp review.

Guys Flower Shop for 25 years. Fantastic Fragrant flowers, sold on the street, out of Guy''s GarageDoesnt get more local flavor than that. Great $$. Great flowers. Great Guy! Guardiann sez: Best local flower shop. We agree.   17. Cafe Flor, Great place to come out of the closet to your family. The breakfast is good.
18. Wingard Home:Mr Fashion. with a Capitol "T" (Kenneth to his Yalie brethern) sets "T"rends. Has lasting "T"aste. Even his dog, "T"aylor, is "T"errific. Every home needs accessories. No "T"aboo left un"T"urned. "T"ruely "T"asteful. 13. Noe Street Cafe with WIFI and a really interesting bulletin board.
20. Best in Show Best in Show. Dog Breathe Cured Here. 22. The Castro Theater is San Francisco's historic movie palace.Wurlitzers, Big Single Screen Movie Palace with Great Revival Schedule.
An endangered species.
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